(slang) a neighborhood
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slang, ↑cant, ↑jargon, ↑lingo, ↑argot, ↑patois, ↑vernacular

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see hood IV

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/hood/, n.
Slang. neighborhood.
[1985-90; by shortening]

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hood 1 «hud», noun, verb.
1. a) a soft covering for the head and neck, either separate or as part of a coat or cape: »

My raincoat has a hood.

b) a monk's cowl.
2. anything like a hood in shape or use, such as a covering for machinery: »

The hood over the street light shielded the apartments above from the glare of the light.

3. a movable metal covering over an engine, especially of an automobile: »

At the gas station they raised the hood of our car to put oil in the engine.

4. British. the cover of the passenger compartment of an automobile, the top of a baby carriage, or the like.
5. a) a rounded protective covering over the top of a chimney, ventilator, or the like. b) a raised cover over a stove, often connected with a ventilator, to protect the ceiling and draw off smoke.
6. a) a fold of cloth, banded with distinguishing colors to show what degrees are held and the wearer's department of learning, that hangs down over the gown worn by graduates of universities and colleges. b) a similar garment worn as a mark of official or professional dignity, as by ecclesiastics.
7. a crest or other part on a bird's or animal's head that suggests a hood in shape or color.
8. any hoodlike part in plants serving as a covering, especially the arched upper part of the corolla or calyx in some flowers.
9. that part of a horse blanket that covers the animal's head and neck.
10. Falconry. a covering for the head of a hawk, used to blind the hawk when it is not pursuing game.
to cover with or as if with a hood; furnish with a hood.
[Old English hōd]
hood´less, adjective.
hood´like´, adjective.
hood 2 «hud», noun.
U.S. Slang. a hoodlum; gangster; gunman: »

He finds himself tangling with a big-time racketeer and his hoods (Charles J. Rolo).

[apparently short for hoodlum]
'hood or hood 3 «hud», = neighborhood. (Cf.neighborhood)
suffix added to nouns and adjectives to form other nouns.
1. the state or condition of being: »

Boyhood = the state of being a boy. Likelihood = the condition of being likely.

2. the character or nature of: »

Sainthood = the character of a saint.

3. a group of; the body of: »

Priesthood = the body or group of priests.

4. a concrete instance of: »

Falsehood = a concrete instance of falsity.

[Middle English -hode, -hade, Old English -hād < hād condition, position]

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